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"Hannah" by Malachi Whittaker (Summary)

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Hannah by Malachi Whitaker

The short story “Hannah” written by Malachi Whitaker, deals with the feelings and imaginations of a seventeen years old girl.
While Hannah prepares a party for her friends in the old house, a one-time-farm, where she lives with her mother, she has a daydream. Hannah is very excited about giving this party because she intends to meet some cute boys. She feels confident with all she does and dreams that Thomas Henry Smithson, who has to be a guest, turns the party more funny.
Ralph Wellings is invited too. Hannah is interested in him and imagines to have a sophisticated conversation. He is nineteen and a sort of strange and wild as the others say. Nevertheless she feels comfortable beside him.
During thinking about details of his appearance, she interrupts herself and comes back to reality. Hannah checked all the things she prepared in the dairy and changed her clothes. She is very excited because of the presence of their dudes and wants the party to begin.

1. Fill in the missing words!
Hannah is ____________ and lives with her ____________ in an old house which had once been a ____________ with a ____________. She is very proud about her ____________ and ____________, made for her ____________.
A lot of girls out of her ____________ ____________ and also Thomas Henry Smithson are ____________. While waiting Hannah has a ____________ about Ralph Wellings. She ____________ how to behave in his ____________. Hannah is very ____________ to begin the party and checked all the ____________ in the dairy.
2. Class the given adjectives with their related performer (find other words)!
Mother __________________________________________________
Hannah __________________________________________________
Thomas __________________________________________________
Ralph __________________________________________________
kind – excited – intelligent – dreamy – laughable – worried – good looking – cooperative – careful
3. Imagine a possible ending (in writing)!
"Hannah" by Malachi Whitaker

This work ist a summary for the short story "Hannah" by Malachi Whittaker.
The short story “Hannah” written by Malachi Whitaker, deals with the feelings and imaginations of a seventeen years old girl... (311 Wörter)
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